25 June 2010

In Memory of Mr and Mrs O Hara

I just realize that the homicide of Japan couple occur at Tangerang was someone that I know.

They are Mr and Mrs O Hara, chairman of Yayasan Goodwill International.

During my study at UI, on 2004-2005, I receive a scholarship from this foundation. Enough to support my financial issue during study: for tuition fee, photocopy, eating, and other activity. It amount of 4.4 million rupiah per year (if im not wrong). It really relief some of my father burden to provide financial supply.

I did not aware about this until I receive an event invitation from Goodwill FB Group, it’s about Tribute to Mr and Mrs Hara, while read the news link provided. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2010/06/20/dinner-turns-deadly-japanese-couple-police.html

This scholarship is great, consist most of expat whom sponsoring us, student from UI and IPB, so most of the event are using English as the language preferred, during gathering and trainings (useful soft skill coaching).

Check more of this foundation at: http://www.yayasan.info/index.html

I meet them several times, during my year. Nice and kind person.

My deepest condolence for them, Mr and Mrs O Hara, my memory only see kindness from both of you.

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Balikpapan, 25 Juni 2010
Syamsul Arifin.

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  1. gajah mati meninggalkan gading
    manusia mati meninggalkan kenangan berdasarkan amalannya
    turut berduka cita dans emoga banyak o hara-o hara lainnya yang akan meneruskan cita2 mereka mencerdaskan anak bangsa

  2. sedihnya, apalagi beliau dibunuh.
    semoga berstirahat dengan tenang di sisi-Nya, mari lanjutkan perjuangan mereka!

  3. Ya Allah..meninggalnya dibunuh ya

  4. My deepest condolence for them, bro
    It's hard to believe it, when we know people who cares about others, then somebody tried to make an end of their life just because of simply reason. Life might be not fair, but I believe, people will certainly remember & give reward of what they have done ....

  5. bro Ipin,

    Please accept my heartfelt sympathy on the passing of them
    May the peace which comes from the memories of love shared, comfort you now and in the days ahead.

  6. kirain scarlett o hara..
    *judul pilemnya apah yah? jd lupa