28 May 2013

Don't Be Stupid

I always believe that people are born equal. Some people are granted by born from a good parent and at a good condition, others don't.

As we grew old, the ability to diferentiate what's wrong and what's right should also grew.

However, in some people, they kill that ability. Remain childish. Became ignorance. Stay dumb.

What cause it..?

The easiest answer is that the people have distance with God.

We have a soul, a heart, that enable us to feel and contribute on each decision which we took everyday. If this part lost from us, (in my opinion) we are no longer considered as a human. We have no different than an animal. Do what we want-do what we like. A destructive freedom. Hurting-destroying ourself and others.

A soft heart is form by understanding ourself, knowing where we came from (a filty seed), what we need to do, and where will we end up at (heaven or hell).

Putting our head at ground (sujud) will create a humble attitude (that God is the greatest and we are nothing compare to He).

Pray or ask for things, will position us as a servant whom always need God help.

Live is not just at this dimention. (I strongly believe) that we will also live at hereafter dimention. Here is the place where we create good deed and the hereafter is where we receive our payback or reward time.

We can be what ever we want to be. We can have what ever we want to have. We can do what ever we want to do. But do keep in mind, all the thing that you perform, own and spent, will be ask for question. By who and when..? Later, at a judgment day. Where we take the responsibility and accountability for our resource being given at this world by our God.

Live is actually quite simple:
Have a sincere faith/iman (believe in Allah) and proof your faith in words, action and thought.

Be passion with all the trial while also doing a good deed as your soft heart told you to do so.


Balikpapan, 28 May 2013
Syamsul Arifin


  1. numpang baca...^^
    lama sekali gak nulis yang beginian nih rasanya kang Ipin...*apa sy nya aja jarang mampir dimari yakks.s.

    1. Hi... Makasih udah dimampirin :)
      Iya nih emang jarang posting2...