30 April 2008


TOEFL Equivalency Table

Do you find all of the different English language test scores confusing?  Do you have trouble comparing a TOEIC score to a TOEFL score?  Well, that's understandable because there are a number of different language tests and they all have different systems.  Even the TOEFL Paper Based Test, TOEFL Computer Based Test (TOEFL CBT), and TOEFL Internet Based Test (TOEFL iBT) all have different scoring schemes.  

The table below shows comparisons between various test scores and level systems (like TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS).  Use this table to compare your own score with the approximate equivalent score of another test.






0 - 250

0 - 310

0 - 30

0 - 8

0 – 1

310 - 343

33 - 60

9 - 18

1 - 1.5

255 - 400

347 - 393

63 - 90

19 - 29

2 - 2.5

397 - 433

93 - 120

30 - 40

3 - 3.5

405 - 600

437 - 473

123 - 150

41 - 52


477 - 510

153 - 180

53 - 64

4.5 – 5

605 - 780

513 - 547

183 - 210

65 - 78

5.5 – 6

550 - 587

213 - 240

79 - 95

6.5 – 7

785 - 900

590 - 637

243 - 270

96 - 110

7.5 – 8

905 - 990

640 - 677

273 - 300

111 - 120

8.5 – 9

Top Score

Top Score

Top Score

Top Score

Top Level







What is TOEFL?

The Test Of English as a Foreign Language (or TOEFL , pronounced "toe-full") evaluates the potential success of an individual to use and understand standard American English at a college level. It is required for non-native applicants at many US and other English-speaking colleges and universities. The TOEFL is the product of the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which is contracted by the private, non-profit firm, the College Board to administer the test in institutions in the US; they also produce the SAT.

Where Can I Take the TOEFL TEST?

The test is usually taken on a computer in a test center, although paper versions are available where it is not possible to take it this way. TOEFL is administered worldwide.

What is the TOEFL CBT?

The Computer Based Test for TOEFL called the CBT , is an adaptive test; meaning that your next question's difficulty level depends on the correctness of your response to the current question. This helps TOEFL to grade the person's knowledge on the English language; by assuming him/her to be of an average capability at the beginning of the test, and with the responses received at the every question the program decides to give you a tougher or easier question based on whether your question was answered correctly or not. The CBT follows computer adaptive test strategy for the Listening and Structure section alone. The reading comprehension and Essay writing are not computer adaptive.

What Does the TOEFL Test Include?

The test consists of four sections:

  • Section I: Listening Comprehension
  • Section II: Structure and Written Expression
  • Section III: Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary
  • Section IV: Essay Writing

What is TOEIC?

Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) measures the ability of non-native English-speaking people to use English in everyday work activities. The Toeic was developed by ETS (Educational Testing Service) in the United States following a request from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry (MITI). There are an estimated 3 million test takers per year.

What Does the TOEIC Test Include?

The TOEIC test is a two-hour multiple-choice test that consists of 200 questions that are divided into two parts: 100 questions in listening comprehension, and 100 questions in reading comprehension.

What Do TOEIC Scores Mean?

Each candidate receives independent marks for written and oral comprehension on a scale from 5 to 495 points. The total score adds up to a scale from 10 and 990 points. The TOEIC certificate exists in five colours, corresponding to achieved results: orange (10-215), brown (220-465), green (470-725), blue (730-855) and gold (860-990).

What is IELTS?  IELTS Test

International English Language Testing System ( IELTS ) is a test of English language proficiency. It is jointly managed by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, the British Council and IDP Education Australia.

IELTS Modules

Candidates may choose either the Academic Module or the General Training Module:

  • The Academic Module is intended for those wishing to enrol in universities and other institutions of higher education.
  • The General Training Module is intended for those planning to undertake non-academic training or to gain work experience, or for immigration purposes.

Where is IELTS Accepted?

IELTS is accepted by most Australian, British, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand and South African academic institutions, by many academic institutions in the United States, and also by various professional organisations.

IELTS Features

The IELTS incorporates the following features:

  • A variety of accents and writing styles are presented in text materials in order to minimise linguistic bias. The test focuses on "International English", which includes British English, American English and other varieties.
  • IELTS tests the ability to speak, read, listen and write in English.
  • Two test formats can be chosen from - Academic and General Training.
  • Band scores are used for each language sub-skill (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing). The Band Scale ranges from 1 ("Non User") to 9 ("Expert User").

Sumber: http://secure.vec.bc.ca/toefl-equivalency-table.cfm; http://secure.vec.bc.ca/whatistoefl.cfm; http://secure.vec.bc.ca/whatistoeic.cfm; http://secure.vec.bc.ca/whatisielts.cfm


  1. what bout EPT? do u have the comparison of EPT(English Proficiency Test) and TOEFL score?

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  5. Very useful table to compare different TOEFL scores. I would suggest a web site for TOEFL Practice Online - http://i-courses.org

  6. A high score represents a high level of proficiency; a low score shows a lower level.IELTS is an exam designed for people of any level to take. It gives a result which does not show a pass/fail according to a certain standard, but rather shows your current level in different areas
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