12 August 2009

Blogging Ramadan Competition

By  Art & Culture Team

Believing that Muslim culture is rich, diversified, and inspired by Muslims' writings and thoughts, Art & Culture Page is launching "Blogging Ramadan" Competition. Blogging Ramadan is fashioned to be a platform for Muslims to participate with their reflections on the meaning of Ramadan and how they celebrate it in the light of their cultures' diversity.

Competition's Guidelines:

The Blog Theme:

You are invited to blog on the theme of "What Ramadan Means to Me" and write in one of the following three topics:

1- What is your understanding of the significance of the holy month of Ramadan?

2-  How is Ramadan celebrated in your community or in your family?

3-  Do you feel that Ramadan is celebrated incorrectly in some communities? If yes, outline what you would think should be corrected and how positive change could be encouraged and implemented.


1. Blog post should be on the theme of "What Ramadan Means to Me"

2. All entries should be in English

3. Entries should be no longer than 700 words, not less than 500 words.

4. Abusive and irrelevant content will not be accepted

5. Personal photos are optional to be sent along with the post

6. Participants are requested to submit their posts to bloggingramadan At iolteam Dot com along with a short profile that includes their background, study field, interests, and country of origin.


All entries should be submitted to bloggingramadan At iolteam Dot comwith "Ramadan Competition" in the subject field no later than September 5, 2009.

Winner's Announcement:

The three winners will be announced after the occasion of`Eid-Al-Fitr.


A group of A & C's professional writers and well-known bloggers will constitute the judge panel. Click here to read their profiles in full.


1. The three prize winners will receive a certificate from IslamOnline.net as being "IOL bloggers of the year". Their entries will be featured through a special column on Art & Culture Page to set a model. They will be welcomed to join Art & Culture's Blog team and to submit future writings.

2- The entries of the 10 runners-up will be selected and their names will be published on Art & Culture Blog with a short profile for each writer.

Source: http://www.islamonline.net/servlet/Satellite?c=Article_C&cid=1248187696774&pagename=Zone-English-ArtCulture%2FACELayout


  1. Yaw! Thanks for announcing this!

  2. Seruwww.....tp Masnya bisa jd editing bahasa Inggrisku gak? :D

  3. Topik dan judul sm ga sih? Aduh.. eror