23 February 2010

Syamsul Arifin DISC Personality Style

By completing the DISC test at: http://personalitystyle.com/ This is what it said about me ^_^


Your Personality Style Preview:

Syamsul is an optimistic individual. He is the type of person who loves exploring new places or things and a wide variety of experiences. He tends to display a natural charisma that draws others to his charm. Syamsul is a very encouraging person; others are drawn to him because they find him inspirational.

Recognizing the value of a good relationship, Syamsul is very patient and caring when relating to others. He is even-paced; and Syamsul usually remains calm and relaxed, even in situations that may ruffle some others. He likes the role of a peacemaker, when working through problems, Syamsul tries to rely on successful strategies that have proven results.

Neat and orderly, others usually see Syamsul as practical. He needs adequate information to make decisions, and he will consider the pros and cons. He may be sensitive to criticism, and will tend to internalize his emotions. Syamsul likes to clarify expectations before undertaking new projects, and he will follow a logical process to gain successful results.

Syamsul prefers to work through problems by analyzing things that worked in the past. He is willing to follow another person's lead if they display adequate ability and if Syamsul has confidence in their ability. He is someone who is able to lead, if necessary; but usually prefers to wait and see if another person volunteers first.


  1. hmmmm...

    I don't know about my Personality

  2. just give it a try, go to the site, and complete the test :)

  3. yeah I already try it but i not sure the result of the test

  4. Ini ni, yang jadi jurus pemikat sang istri ...
    *salam buat bu syamsul :)*

  5. Nice post Brother, anyway.. u was made it in Indonesia right.
    Just fly to our forum and made it by game, is a like ...... 1st posted ur own that u mention the next.. :D

  6. @starburst
    hasilnya mana..? tapi jawabnya dah pas kan..?

    jurus pemikat..? :hmmm: kayaknya ngga juga kok :D

    ngga ngerti gw :D
    thread apaan sih itu?

  7. CC Pin, buat seperti itu di forum, pasti lebih seru