17 February 2011

Idea: "Read" Button

If Facebook have "like" button, probably it will be great if MP have "read" button.
Sometimes, we read people blog but we don't know what to comment. So by clicking the "read" button, we had deliver message to the author that we had read their posting and show that we are connected.
Thanks :)


Itulah isi pesan saya ke costumer service-nya MP tadi pagi ^_^v

Btw, yang belum nge-LIKE link saya di bhinneka fanfage siapa nih..? :D
Deadlinenya hari ini nih (17 Feb 2011)!
Di-like ya biar saya menang jadi juara fave :D hehehe
1. di-like dulu fanpage-nya Bhinneka di: http://www.facebook.com/bhinnekacom
2. setelah itu baru deh bisa nge-Like link saya di: http://www.facebook.com/bhinnekacom/posts/183886944977996
Biar saya menang, pada nge-like ya ya ya ya ^_^

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