08 February 2012

Move to Drilling & Completion Dept

Effective from 1 Feb 2012, I gain more work experience since I move to Drilling & Completion (D&C) Department as HES (Health Environment Safety) Specialist.

Previously, my dept is OE-HES (Operational Excellent - Health Environment Safety) Department as HES Engineer, now I'm working at separate department, more focus on drilling and workover activities. *though still at Balikpapan base*

There will be a lot of changes shift, mainly the working climate. Here, the guys seems more workaholic euy :D *you can tell that from the guys time mostly back home, target oriented, etc. Which, someway another, is good. Having different working atmosphere.

A challenge for me, since I'm away from drilling & completion world couple of years as I remember. But its a learning and career opportunity for me.

If you wanna know about Chevron drilling & completion, you may check this link.

Anyway, hopefully I can get promoted faster and able to step-up my career ladder. *amin

Balikpapan, 8 February 2012
Syamsul Arifin
*photo taken from my cellphone at one of NIB fields drilling rig, on 11 Nov 2010


  1. aaaaamiiiin.
    selamat ye pin :)

  2. @melionly, aniadami, siantiek
    Amin, makasih ^^
    @astyaep, sedep? Emang makanan :P hehe

  3. *gk ikut kuliah drilling.. wkwkwkwk