29 April 2010

Jakarta in Half Day (plus Yogyakarta Interesting Places)

Source: http://www.tripadvisor.com/GoListDetail-i19630-Jakarta_in_Half_Day.html

Got less than 10 hours to enjoy the town but you want to make up the most? Probably visiting the places listed below can enable you to say "I've been to Jakarta"

1. Fatahillah Square (Taman Fatahillah)
Fatahillah Square (Taman Fatahillah), Jakarta, Java

The heart of the old town of Jakarta. You are standing at the former square where town people use to gather in most public occasions back in the colonial era. Now, there are at least 3 museums surround the square, Jakarta History Museum (see no.2), a puppet museum which also exhibit some gravestone of famous dutch figure such as Jan Pieterzoon Coen, a prominent figure of Dutch East Indies Company (VOC) and a gorvernor general of Dutch East Indies, and an Art and Ceramic Museum.

2. Jakarta History Museum (Fatahillah Museum)
Jakarta History Museum (Fatahillah Museum), Jakarta, Java

Probably the most historical part of this place is the building itself. It was an old town hall where the governor general of Dutch East Indies work at. The building is airy with high ceilings and there is one unique feature; an underground prison (now filled with water).

3. Cafe Batavia
Cafe Batavia, Jakarta, Java

Relax and unwind. This cafe is facing Fatahillah Square and is the perfect place as a transit place to get some food whilst you exploring the old town. Lots of antiques add the historical feeling to this colonial building.

4. Jembatan Kota Intan

Or Old Dutch Drawbridge. It used to be the main transportation crossing since the colonial era. Now it is preserved and probably the only one of its kind in this town.

5. National Museum
National Museum, Jakarta, Java

Leave the old town part of Jakarta and proceed towards the new city center. The National Museum can be identified by an Elephant statue sitting in its front yard. It was a gift from King Chulalongkhorn of Thailand. The collection of this museum is pretty impressive with all statues and artifacts from old Indonesian kingdoms up to paintings and Chinese ceramics.

6. National Monument (MONAS)
National Monument (MONAS), Jakarta, Java

It's the centerpiece of Jakarta city center. The monument is so famous, it becomes the symbol of Jakarta. The tall monument also serve as a public observatory on the highest floor, while on the base visitors can find a museum showcasing dioramas of Indonesian history and achievements, and a hall where visitor can hear the proclamation text being read by Indonesia first president, Soekarno.

7. Bundaran Hotel Indonesia

This roundabout becomes famous for its Welcome (Selamat Datang) Monument stand in the middle of the fountain in the center of the roundabout. The monument was built as as a symbol of the friendliness of Indonesians to welcome participants to the fourth Asian Games in 1962. The participants of the game coincidentally also stay at the hotel that is facing the monument, Hotel Indonesia (now Hotel Indonesia Kempinski).

8. Sarinah

Finally end your day here to buy some souvenirs from all over Indonesia. Sarinah was the first modern air-con department store in Jakarta. Nowadays, it's still a department store but what make it stands up from the other is the collection of souvenirs form all over Indonesia spread over 1 whole floor and Indonesian batik cloth collection over the other floor.


Things to Do in Yogyakarta


1.  Prambanan Temples.
Attraction type: Ancient ruins; Architectural building; Historic site; Ballet; Religious site

2. Bank Indonesia
Attraction type: Architectural building

3.  Imogiri
Attraction type: Cemetery

4.  Mirota Batik
Attraction type: Shop

5.  Jalan Malioboro
Attraction type: Flea/street market

6.  Kids Fun Park
Attraction type: Amusement/theme park

7.  Sultan Palace
Attraction type: Architectural building

8.  Yogyakarta Bird Market
Attraction type: Flea/street market

9.  Pasar Beringharjo
Attraction type: Flea/street market

10.  Sumur Gumuling
Attraction type: Ancient ruins

11.  Water Castle (Tamansari)
Attraction type: Landmark/point of interest

12.  Kota Gede
Attraction type: Neighborhood

13.  Kraton (Keraton)
Attraction type: Historic site; Town center/square/plaza; Castle; History museum

14.  Merapi Volcano
Attraction type: Volcano

15.  Presidential Palace
Attraction type: Historic site

16.  Ullen Sentalu
Attraction type: History museum