21 February 2009

Drive my self (crazy thinking of you...)

This is not about one of the N'sync song :D

I just wanna wrote that for this past two days, I’ve been taking a driving class ^_^

Aren’t you able to drive yet ipin..?

As a matter a fact, yes I can drive, but I can only drive women heart go crazy :D wekekeke

*joking mode: off* %peace%

I think that I already have a bit of a driving skill, take a notice, just a little bit, very much a little :D

I’ve being trying the company’s car, but I don’t want to use it at the public road, because I don’t wanna take the risk, and its against the rules, I haven’t got an A SIM –driving license yet :D

So, I’ve started this yesterday, taking an Avansa hit the road, with the instructor beside me of course ^_^

This class is schedule to be done at 12 times of session with one hour per session, its not enough sih, but just a the beginning, quite OK lah :)

Every night at 9 PM, Insya Allah, I’ll gonna learn how to drive professional :D

I’m not hoping to become a great racer like Schumy (ferari racer), but I hope I can be a good and safe driver, a skillful one, after I complete this driving class. So if someday I own an car, I don’t need to hire a driver anymore :D hehehe


  1. Latihan tuk ngangkut istri ya.. *provokasi*

  2. hati-hati....
    lecet tuh kiri kanan.....^_^

  3. padahal hire a driver kan lumayan..mengurangi 1 pengangguran..hehehe...

  4. Wew...kalo dah lihai nyupir,qta nebeng ya kak..wakakakak..

  5. @ario
    walah, ngangkut sayur kalih :D

    biarin, sengaja, makanya ikutan kelas ini, biar bebas klo nyerempet2 :D hehehe

    mau lebih mandiri ^_^

    wah, good2 ^_^

    boleh, klo dah punya mobil juga :D

  6. jadi inget..perasaan ana dari dulu jg dah pengen bgt take a driving course..
    but, sampe skrng blom terealisasi jg..
    wkwkwk... :D

    *english nyampur2

  7. Oalah...kirain mau sing a song
    skaran gimana?
    udah mahir donk