13 May 2009

The Power of Love

Love has a tremendous power, hidden within. It strength probably aren’t seen, but from the softness lies, there’s a big energy beneath.


You probably have read a lot of stuff about that. Romanticism stories often mention about this. Like a line stating “I’ll do anything just for you”; “I’ll cross the ocean, hill the mountain, if you want me to do”; and such a thing like that. It all heard cliché, but it aren’t heard impossible.


Motivation to Change


Normally, he/she who loves someone shall try their best effort to match with the person whom they love. Reading their fave books/magazine, listening to their fave music, imitating their clothes/wardrobe, making ‘the person whom they love’ interest as their interest.


As your love getting bigger, you’ll be more obey to the person whom you love, you’ll do what he/she said, you’ll act like they desire, you’ll become what they want them to be.


And you’re doing it willingly, without any forces, just a simple expectation, that your beloved person shall be happy with the things that you’ve done.


Source of Patiently


You love him/her more that you love your self. You’re willing to suffer and endure pain, for them.


All are meaningless, if without them.


The Images in Mind


Is seems that all the things in your live are connected to him/her. Their images appear frequently. Their names are called in many times. We just can not let go from them, far or near.



Love to Allah and Rasulullah SAW


As a Muslim, we must set the highest priority of love to Allah and His messenger.


The questions now are, how much do we love Allah and Rasulullah..?


Do we try our best effort to match His word..? Do we hate what They hate..? Do we love things that They love..? Do we remember them in our daily moment..? Do we become what they expect us to be..?


You answer it your self! Those answers reflect the level of your love to Allah and Rasulullah SAW.






Samarinda, May 13, 2009

Syamsul Arifin


  1. heheh... kalau ku jatuh cinta hanya untuk sumber inspirasi tulisan.

    tengkiu buat tulisan bagian 'love to Allah and His messenger' :)

  2. in the end....you will never recognize yourself anymore...(or if you the one who try to change your love...you will nver recognize her or him anymore..)

  3. @malambulanbiru
    sama :)

    begitukah..? :hmmm:


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