04 December 2007

Being rejected for three times in a row

Hiks.., if this is a door prize quiz, than I might gonna being rewarded with a lovely umbrella :D

*sebuah payung cantik untuk yang gagal tiga kali berturut-turut


Yesterday (December 3, 2007), I receive my ADS (Australian Development Scholarship) application response… by reading the title, you might already know the answer :)

Nope, not that, I’m not being awarded with scholarship from Australia this year…, what a silly you :D hehehe

*just kidding %peace%


Yups, our warrior had being rejected again euy (*”katakan cinta” reality show tagline, Pejuang Kita Ditolak,-red). For the last three year since 2005, 2006, and 2007, I keep applying for scholarship program from Australia. Thus, the answers still same, always stay the same (*or just like Joey McIntyre songs title), “You had not successful for this year scholarship program”. The battle is enormous, I’m fighting with more than 4,700 candidate all across Indonesia. And I still not win for this time.


Nevertheless, I will never gonna lose my hope, I shall try again next year…, and next year.., and (probably) next year… :D

And try from any means scholarship program for postgraduate available. I hope I can study abroad (amin)


Keep motivated pin…


  1. weeh......sama doong.....baru sekali doang apply sih, taun 2004....n blom minat utk apply (ADS) lagi....bayak jalan menuju dunia luar bro... semangaaaaat!!!!!!

  2. Saranku jadi pns, dapet beasiswa dari kantor atau bahkan dari ads. karena ads memberikan beasiswanya sebagian besar untuk pns. tuh temen gue dah dua orang pns yang dapet ads. atau there's is something wrong with u. huuuuuuuuuuuuuu :-)

  3. @nilaz
    Hiks, sdh jatuh, malah ditimpa tangga pula :(
    Blng aja lngsng klo sy "under qualified".... :P

    Malas jd PNS, mau berjuang d jalur profesional dulu, nanti klo dah dpt S2nya, br mau coba PNS ^-^

  4. wah smangat yah.. yg dsini jg rata2 dtolak dulu terus menerus tapi mreka ga bosen apply :]