31 August 2008

Poetry Competition Results (at IslamOnline.net)

By  Art & Culture Team



Hussein Bin Talal mosque

Top Three Winners
1. "I, Too, Have Rights" by Jamal En-nehas
"Ramadan: A Tribute to Nature" by Sarah El Nashar
"Now " by Ebrahim

All winners are kindly requested to please send their postal addresses to artculture@iolteam.com

More Winners
These winners will recieve CDs of Brother Dash.

1. "What Do You See?" by Hafsa Bouderdaben
"Nature of Ramadan" by Moiz Khan
"Ramadan: Tribute to Nature" by Hashim Msusa
"Ramadan: Paying Tribute to Nature" by Hussein Abd.Rasaq B.O
"A Touch of Ramadan" by Sumera Lala
"Nature" by Joee Bouvier
"Habitat" by Farah Zahir
"The Midday Sun" by Safiah Alhadi
"Celebrating Ramadan" by Asciea Elhadi
"Echoes of Ramadan" by Jamilah Kolocotronis

"I, Too, Have Rights"
by Jamal En-nehas

Blessed art thou, for thy bounties are truly infinite.
Whims restraining, mind inspiring and soul uplifting,
How can I be oblivious to thy compassion, to the glory you bring about?
Not utterly nipped in the bud, but gratefully alive and kicking.
The rigor, the restraint you inspire in others, though fleeting, truly help me
Persevere in the infinite realms over which your glows radiate.
The seemingly perennial extravagance and appalling littering long deprived me
Of respite and gaiety. Caged, on hold, they help me reinstate
My tranquility, my seamless whole, and console the grieving cosmos.
I implore thee, ye the opulent, the never needy, to have compassion,
I, too, implore thee, ye the downtrodden and destitute, not to regress,
Like the haughty, the well-heeled who have long cherished a waste passion.
Rich or poor, young or old, my survival rests on thee,
And thou shalt forever prosper, as long as you think of me.

"Ramadan: A Tribute to Nature"
By Sarah El Nashar

I tremble with excitement as the moment approaches
As the darkness of night slowly encroaches
A long time coming and each day a burden
I can feel in my core an unbearable yearning

And so it rises, white light drowning out my darkness
It is the month of mercy once again upon us
The blessings that it brings overwhelm my every element
And I bow to my Creator, and I pray, for their hearts to relent

I know they do not comprehend the pain that I endure
For if they did their every deed would be an evil so pure
I know they could not possibly hear my never-ending cry
For if they could it would mean a desire for me to die

Do they not see what has become of my sky?
Now a gray haze where once was my pride
Even the trees I rear day after day
My shade and my sustenance they heedlessly slay

My oceans and rivers with their worlds of wonder
Why and How did they not cherish their splendor?
Each day that passes a part of me fades
And I wonder if they realize the price to be paid

I know they do not comprehend the pain that I endure
For if they did their every deed would be an evil so pure
I know they could not possibly hear my never-ending cry
For if they could it would mean a desire for me to die

Perhaps in these days of mercy and peace
Your hearts will awake to the results of your deeds
Perhaps as you look at my moon so bright
Your eyes will treasure what's left of my pride

So as this month reminds you of those who are without
I pray that you remember the graveness of my plight
I only plead out of care for you
For I am here just to see you through

I hope they do not comprehend the pain that I endure
For if they do their every deed is an evil so pure
I tell myself they can not hear my never-ending cry
For if you do, then are you waiting for me to die?

"Now "
By Ebrahim

Now are we given
The chance to be as innocent
As the sun-thirsty flower or
The bee, searching.

What have we forgotten
About this Earth, this rain, and do we
Still greet the dawn
Or thank the earth for carrying
Our footsteps
Now are we given the chance to remember.

Nations like unto us have we forgotten to see
Our reflection in the eyes
Of the birds and
Gazelle, or the shifting, angry seas?
Now are we given the chance to look.

This Earth, this
Gift is not the same
As it was
When the moon was split or
The seas opened.

We have forgotten
How to send our prayers on the wind to heaven
And respect the pomegranate tree for giving
Her rubies to the birds.

This moon of revelation has
Given us the chance
To be more than what we were and to
Remember the soil in which our roots are twined.

"What Do You See?"
by Hafsa Bouderdaben

Brothers, sisters, look outside if you please.
Tell me, what do you see?
In the countryside, flowers, grass, and stars.
Tell me, do you see trees?
Or in the city, buildings, bulldozers,
Tell me, do you even feel the breeze?
What have you done to save the land?
To save the trees or even the very air you breathe?
Do you think before driving a car?
Do you see Allah’s creatures for what they are?
Did you strive to protect this World?
Tell me, what have you done so far?
This Earth is a gift from Allah.
Did you stop to think of this?
Here we are, messing it up.
Do you realize each thing we set amiss?
In this holy month of Ramadan,
Tell me, what did you do?
Are you grateful for all that is given?
Do you know what He has done for you?
He’s given the birds, the plants, the trees,
So tell me, brothers and sisters, what now do you see?

"Nature of Ramadan"
by Moiz Khan

As I awake before dawn
As I rub the sleep from my eyes and yawn
I look out my window, I wish it were a clear day
I see pollution blocking my way

I get up, I hear a faint sound
The songs of the birds up and jumping around
Even they sing for Ramadan, even they remember to give praise
Even in this thick fog of smoke, almost a haze
All creatures, thank their Creator
For the gifts of Nature

If not for the food grown in the soil
And for the hard working Farmers toil
All of us would go hungry
But for us, luckily
Nature has provided whole heartedly

So why do we pollute
We pollute our streets, our homes, our minds
It's so thick, nothing is clear, everything is harder to find
If we can't see in front of our face
What are we to do when the sky falls from grace

Plant a tree, no, forget a tree
Grow a forest, comparable in depth to the sea

When the world freezes over
Who will we blame
We can pray but nothing will be the same
Don't you think it's time for a change?

"Ramadan: Tribute to Nature"
by Hashim Msusa

Perfection was at last the creation,
To sustain creation to its end,
Rivers, lakes, seas and oceans in jubilation,
Providing food, ornaments and means of sail, and navigation.

Excellency, splendour was at last the creation of the world,
With balanced natural species of fauna and flora,
To sustain ages of its inhabitants in its habitation,
Vegetation, mountain, wild animals, and all microscopic
Providing food, shelter and catalyst of the world rains.

Greatness, equal-ness and purposeful,
Was at last the design of the world by the Creator,
Great in hugeness, balance in provision, and purposeful in its utilization,
To sustain the ever-growing human beings, in ages of its stay.

Nature in brilliance and glimmer in vegetation
Full of luxury, and finery in scenery.
Providing oxygen in perpetuation of living mortals,
To habitat, multiplicity of living organisms.

We live and lived on nature, in ages and centuries.
Ever since the existence of us on the world,
Nature of goodness and beauty of its panorama
Providing adaptable, habitation of significance, and magnitude.

Strange, are the characters of modern inhabitants
Replenishing natural resources without replace,
Cultivating land aimlessly, depriving sustainability of it,
Engaged in extensive global warming, and blamed for climate change

Nature, plead with me, I call you to stay,
Stay in balance, as you reject campaign of depletion,
For the world tomorrow, await your presence,
To bring jubilation, of the Creator's creation.
Nature today and nature of the days to come.

"Ramadan: Paying Tribute to Nature"
by Hussein Abd.Rasaq B.O


Sing....sing people of the world
come together to heal the world,
mother earth is melting down.
Politicians sees no threat
left alone for the UN,
in 97' at Kyoto summit
planning to reduce green house effect,
yet,some state felt reluctant
to ratify protocol.
Trees in the forest
that consumes Co2
are cut down acres by acres
all over the fragile earth,
for mankind to expand.
We now witnesses melting ice,
and sea level on the rise,
which threatens life at the coast
as man, plants and animals faces extinction.


What do we do to save mother earth,
from extreme weather?
Tonadoes,hurricane,drought and flood!
A continued warming earth
will experience disasters,
famine and other epidemics like malaria .
We need to fast and pray,
encouraging other sources of energy
not to over rely on fossil fuels
but alternative energies
like windmill,solar and hydroelectric energy.
Save your environment and bill,
cut the usage of electricity.
Most importantly,
fast and pray for mother earth,
this Ramadan.

"A Touch of Ramadan"
by Sumera Lala

Ramadan is the month I wait for
Like a flower waiting for the sun, but this is so much more
Even if the day was 16 hours long, Nature can do no wrong

I thank Allah for the food we eat
For the family we meet, the strangers we greet

I break my fast with a date
I never break it late
For I always await, and anticipate
Just like the eagerness of the tiniest organism
Waiting for it's chance for a meal, I await for the quiet permission
The permission governed by the time, the setting of the light
Even though it's dark it's still bright

To me the wind which blows outside
The eagle which glides, so free, on the air it rides
If we don't stop the destruction
We might not be here to break our fast, and celebrate the joy of any happy occassion

The harvest from the Earth
Gives birth, to the food on our table, we thank Allah for making us able

If tommorow is to be the future
Then today needs to be the teacher
To make the changes we need to save the world, I'll be the preacher

The climatic change, is a bit strange
We wonder why it happens, then spray the air with toxic gas
Thinking eventually everything will pass
Yes, it will pass, through our souls, when the poison that we create, is what we breathe last

So lets try to make it for the next Ramadan
So we can hear the Aazan
So we can pray all night long
Lets make a change, so we all grow as people and become strong.

by Joee Bouvier

The stars shine brightly in the sky ...
Never knowing the reasons why ...
the birds that sang all yesterday ..
are quiet now they went away...
Darkness spreads across the land ...
Nature is quiet and So is Man...

"Habitat "
by Farah Zahir

This our earth
Made by the One God, expressly for mankind
A single species
Dominating the globe
All around, everywhere
The sun does not set
upon human habiliments
The sun does not set anywhere
But a Muslim prostrating,
We circle the earth
The slave of Allah
Peacefully resting his head
On this Earth.

Earth, You will have much to say
Of those who worshipped you,
When all testify. All Testify.
Present accounts
Those accountable. Us.

Degradation, denigration, destruction, depletion
O Earth, Don't Damn us
We have neglected
Purification, Protection, Preservation, Sustenance
A treasure we have treated
With nonchalance
Don't Damn us

O Muslim, Custodian of the Earth
Look after it,
It is part of your

"The Midday Sun"
by Safiah Alhadi

The midday sun warmly stinging my back
Reminding me of a burden longing to slide off

The vast open blue sky spreading wide
As if eagerly waiting for my call

The gust of cool air passing by
Surly not daring to go far

The stars in the night sky glittering
Shining upon us yet rising very high

The Drip Drip Drop of an approaching cloud
Shedding its tears of hope and joy

The crescent glimmer amidst the clouds
Gave me relief that Ramadan is back.

"Celebrating Ramadan"
by Asciea Elhadi

Nothing moved, all the night creatures are still
No owls hooting, no insects buzzing nothing could be heard
Even the mosquitoes have surprisingly taken a break
Suddenly a round face peered out of a window
Breaking the over whelming silence of the night

Overlapping grey clouds disguise the dusky sky
The tall trees looking somber and bare
Their reflection in the calm water very glum
A baby sprout gives up to the ruthless night, its petals growing pale.

A rooster calling into the night
Announcing the wake up of dawn
The sweetness of the meadows fills the air.
The Blue Mountains standing higher and higher

The fragrant lilies blossom in the fields
Its tender petals dancing with the wind
While the sparrows sing along
With the trickling the music of the flowing water
a baby seed courageously spreads its leaves for the first time

There it was… the radiant glow of the crescent in the hazy water
Bathing the water, the fields, and the round face with a soft glow.

"Echoes of Ramadan"
by Jamilah Kolocotronis

As black sky turns to gray
I make du’a and begin another day of fasting
Controlling my desires
As the sun rises higher
Thirst and hunger call me
With my resistance
They become echoes in the distance
Yet I wait for relief
From the heat of the sun
From my temper, undone
At the smallest frustration
I wait
Shadows grow
Breeze softly blows
Sweet aromas—my mouth waters
I read Allah’s words
Glance at the clock—the hands falter.
Won’t they move faster?
My lips are dry
My stomach cries
I close my eyes
Exhausted, I want to stop
I yearn for a drop of cool water
The sun moves into the west
Lie down and rest
As seconds tick
I turn my ears to the sky
Praise for Allah flying high
I raise my hands up in prayer
And I dare to take a sip
The water revives
My faith comes alive
I bow to my Lord
As blue sky turns to gray.


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