26 April 2009

Jakarta >> Riau >> Balikpapan

It’s been a while since my last post at MP, hmmm…



Training and OJT


I’m currently at Padang Island, Riau. Today is my 7th days at Riau. I’m here to attend a training held by other operating unit of EMP’s, Kondur Petroleum, it title are “Signalman & Tallyman”, Depnaker certification, and “Rigging and Lifting”, Migas certification the instructor is Alkon.


Tomorrow will be the 3nd days of Rigging and Lifting training, it will be test for the 4th subject and interview session with Migas guys, day after tomorrow will be the field test.


After that, there will be three more days here, for OJT (On Job Training), so hopefully I can absorb a lot of SHE (Safety Health Environment) working practices that probably I can implement at our own field at Samarinda.


Before leaving, my field manager has warn me that I went here, learning a lot, and later expected to share what I got to others on field. Wah, make a burden for me nih, while I want to enjoy the traveling time-nya ajah :D he3x



Annual Vacation and Interview Session


Actually, I took my day off rights starting from April 13 to April 15, 2009. So, I went to Jakarta on April 10, a day after the election. I vote for the legislatif at Samarinda, my family at Jakarta already prepare the A5 form, so I had my right for voting lho :D and I got it full, choosing 5 times, DPR RI, DPRD I (Kaltim Province), DPRD II (Samarinda city), and DPD.


My real reason went to Jakarta is to attend the interview session held by an Oil & Gas Company at Tuesday, April 14. There, I meet with my senior at SHE, whom I meet during the mercury research at Ponkor. My friend from the first company, PT. Pandu Selamat Utama, is also join this interview, but it seem this interview session is long and there are many people include there, and it seems that this grade is for the experience personnel.


Hopefully I got the best result deh in that process (amin) ^_^



Blood Donor myQ Jabodetabek Event


The time is match with myQ Jabodetabek event, blood donor on sunday, April 12, so I meet with myQers Jabodetabek again euy ^_^



Going Back to Balikpapan


May 2, 2009, I shall be back to Samarinda. So, if I do the math count, since April 10 to May 2, it all 22 days euy, quite a time for me to skip out of work nih *make me feel bad nih* :D hehehe


Well, enjoy my time here ajah ah :siul:


Hope I can get a lot of lesson, experience, and a good result (amin) ^_^


  1. May 2,
    Have u agenda for landing a while in Jakarta bro? :D

  2. wah asyik niy,, jalan2 bonus ilmu ^^

  3. @sintarossita
    thanks for the amin :)

    hmmm, i cant, just transit for an hour at cengkareng :D
    whats zup at may 2nd..?

    hehehe, iya, senangnya :D

    walaupun disini ngga ada signal IM3 :D
    *yang dapat cuma dari hp dari simpati, khawatir klo banyak penggemar yang telp ke m3 saiyah, tapi ngga masuk nih, nanti mengecewakan mereka lagih :D

  4. noo.. just . just.. aj degh, there is ur friend havin Mingle at the day

  5. @ichamary
    Ow, DS ya, ya i wish i able to attend their ceremony, but i think i cant, not enough time euy :)

  6. Ipin..
    Yuuupps, its ur friend in Ds [dakwah sekolah] isn't?