29 September 2009

Share Your Science Fiction Story

By  IOL Health & Science Staff

Dreams of what can be and what might become have always intrigued the human mind. Stories of far-fetched lands or of unseen universes have been woven into folklore and traditions throughout time.

With the dawn of the age of science, people started imagining what might become of the future of mankind as science develops even further. What was once mythology or magic was now framed within the stretched boundaries of innovation and scientific discovery.

As science fiction writers found their fuel in the work of scientists, scientists fertilized their dreams and drives with the worlds created by science fiction writers.

Today rocket engineers talk about the comic books that made them dream as children about exploring the planets and the stars. Construction engineers design their next skyscrapers on architecture inspired by cities imagined in the distant futures of science fiction movies. Doctors look for new drugs that can create societies free of illness inspired by utopian novels. Software developers create online virtual worlds inspired by works of science fiction written years before the Internet became a global phenomenon. Astronomers look for distant planets that can carry alien life long fantasized in science fiction characters. Scientists of all fields succeed and innovate as they search for those worlds that shaped their imaginary universes for many years.

Join us as we imagine the future that we want to live in or the future that we might dread, as we inspire each other to go beyond what we might think is possible through scientific progress.

Send your science fiction story to HealthAndScience AT iolteam DOT com and let us share it with the rest of the world.

Story Criteria

1. The story should be a work of science fiction rather than pure fantasy, where science is being stretched in ways that go beyond what we know today.

2. The story should not contain any offensive, insulting, or sexually explicit language and should remain within the boundaries of common decency.

3. The story should be an original written by the sender with the expressed permission for IslamOnline.net to publish it


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