15 October 2007

[cerpen] The Princess of the Ring

I just want to relax today. It’s Saturday, the high school where I become a mentor for a focus Islamic group study is having holiday after having their final grade report distributed. I hope all of my mentee have a good score and can move on to a higher grade, I pray silently inside my heart.

I feel reluctant to do anything today. I just want to enjoying my self. Pleasuring and give a little time for me to take a break from all of my busyness in almost every weekend. It’s been a long time since I can not enjoy my weekend for my self. Usually, my weekend are being kept for my focus Islamic group study, or if it not for them, I usually went to my campus, where I being graduated since two year ago, for gathering with some of the alumni in the student and alumni communication forum where I became its member, or otherwise, I use my weekend in the smallest organization level of a Justice and Welfare political party at my neighborhood, we usually call it as DPRa.

I borrow DVDs from my friend, three series of DVD exactly. It’s titled LOTR or Lord of the Ring, a movie based of on an epic high fantasy novel written by the English academic J. R. R. Tolkien. Now, I am holding the three series of LOTR, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. Will I able to finish watching these three movies in a single day? My heart questioning my self.

After having a lunch and preparing some snacks and drink for a nice home theater movie experience in my own rent house, the first DVD is being played.

I feel sleepy, while the movie has just in the beginning of the story of the third chapter. Yesterday, I went home so late, after we have a campus reunion with class 2001 at one of my friend’s house. We laugh, share stories, eat and the most important is we met each other again after several years separated. I meet Erwina again at that event. She’s still pretty just like she was to be, and still charming with her long jilbab. That’s why, I don’t allowed my self to look at her too long, afraid to make my heart full with things that I had to let go. Couple of month ago, I had been reject by her as I propose her to marry me. It turn out that she is in a process with another man. Now, she’s going to be married with Angga, a former chief of student executive chamber where she got actively involve while study.

The sleepiness is taking over of me. A small fan that turn on and moves around the room makes the environment more comfortable for me sleep. I went to sleep as I watch the last LOTR series.


I feel my footsteps walk entering a dark and damp Fongorn forest. “Come on Fripin Baggins, hurry up, before the Uruk-hai chase after us. People said that Uruk-hai used to eat their prey alive. Can you imagine that, hear a crushing sound and see when you flesh being eat pieces by pieces”, Samsiahwise said with a frightening expression in her fast walk. I try to make my self aware. I keep and try to follow her steps. Sometimes, the old root of this forest tackling my steps. “We are in the middle of Saruman territory, and they said, that Saruman can see all the things in his territory, so we have to be hundred percent prepared for all the awful things waited for us in front”, she added.

“We have to reach Mount Doom to destroy that ring. So the middle earth will be save from any evilness”, Samsiahwise explain more as we are in a deep rush of walking, maybe a little run for the more exact phrase. I open my clutch; I see a wonderful golden ring there.

In the middle of the forest, we met with Ents, a big and old oak tree, I think he is the oldest creature at the middle-earth. I amaze with how big he is. “Huaaaa… another hobbit!”, he grab us using his long and big branch. “I hate hobbit!”, he said in anger. Both of us are being shaken and squeezed. I feel a big pain in my stomach, I hardly to breath. “Please let us free”, I pleased, “what did we do wrong?”, I ask him. “Your people had destroy my people, you burn us, cut our children, and leave the forest by taking my people, causing flood, dryness and lack of food to the forest habitant”, he reply seriously. “That is just a few of us that did that, the rest of us is also don’t like such an act, we even trying to arrest those kind of people”, I explain in pain. His move is getting slower. Until it finally stop.

He let us down, we breathe in deep and let our self drop to the soil. “I’m sorry I’ve being so unfair to you, I just feel very angry to those kind of people, people that ruins my home”, he start to share his story. “It not just you who feel their effect Ent, we also feel it, our earth is getting warmer, flood is getting often, and dryness is getting longer. We also feel it”, I try to be empathy. “Ent, I’m sorry, we can’t be long here, we must continue our journey. We need to reach Mount Doom, but before that, we had to go to the Rivendell to ask for an ally”, Samsiahwise said, “and we’re also being chase by the Uruk-hai, so we better be going before the got us”, I added. “Ok than, I’ll take you to the end of this forest, so you can reach there faster”, Ent answer.

Now, we riding Ent, he takes us to the end of the forest so fast, yeah, that is no wonder, especially if you can walk with ten meter step in one step. “I can only take you here, take care”, he said. “Thank you Ent, take care”.

We continue our journey. This time, we are crossing a big river, the river Bruinen.

At the Rivendell, we are being welcome by Aragorn and Arwen. Arwen is so beautiful, she is look just like Arwina, my class mate girl. With a white and tall posture, she looks lovely using her jilbab. Hey, wait a minute, why does LOTR costume now so Islamic ya.., I dazzle in confuse. As I saw Arwen, I immediately ask her, “will you marry me?”, and open my right hand that holding the ring. Both of Arwen and Aragorn looks confuse. “I’m sorry Frippin, I just don’t like you”, her answer punches straight into my heart, “I think this is not the appropriate time to ask that question. Look to a person beside you”, she continue.

I look at Samsiahwise, I just realize on that moment that she is also a nice woman that already being proven in her actives. Her face looks like Samsiah, an IPB graduate that have the same activity with me at DPRa. She looks at me plain. Her white jilbab shine her face.

I give the ring to her. For all the journey we had been thru, it happen to be that the closest person with me is my princes of the ring. She wants to take the ring…


I immediately awake from my dream. Astagrifullahalazim, what a strange dream I said.


Jakarta, October 15, 2007
Syamsul Arifin
“Cinta itu bagaikan pohon, akarnya menghujam ke tanah dan pucuknya banyak buah. -Ibnu Hasym, Kalung Burung Merpati (Thauqul Hamamah)-“

Nb. Maaf klo bahasa Inggrisnya berantakan, maklum lagi belajar ^-^
Ini bukan kisah nyata ya... cuma sekadar 100% khayalan tok kok, jadi jangan diinterpretasikan macam2 ya... :)

Cerpen ini terinspirasi dari blogs MPnya mas Dani, salah satu kontak di MP saya, yang merupakan salah satu penulis FLP, yang juga merupakan suami dari mba Hamasah Putri, dengan judul blogs yang hampir sama dengan cerpen ini

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