11 October 2007

Jump Forward

Ramadhan 28, 1428 H or November 10, 2007 I officially propose my resignation letter at my first professional career company (PT. Pandu Selamat Utama). PT. Pandu Selamat Utama is a service company for oil and gas industry, it main businesses are: H2S Safety Services, Gas Detection/Monitoring, Confine Space, Breathing Apparatus, and stuff like that. I started here on December 15, 2005 as SHE (Safety Health Environment) Officer. I’ve learn a lot and gain big experience here, some are positive and some are negative, but it all needed to make me a better safety professional.


I move on to a small company, a production company for oil and gas industry, which is PT. Multi Production Solution (MPS), which have office at Dharmawangsa Square 2nd floor and workshop at Bekasi. To tell you the truth, I take a lot of risk by moving to this company. This company is just established one year ago, it only had one project, and its project is just going to be started at January 2008. I also change my employment status from permanent to one year contract with not different work title, I become HSE Officer at MPS, almost the same from what I become at Pandu.


But just like I often said, if you want to be success, you had to dare taking risk and opportunity. Some are fail during its process, but some had big shining victory. The important thing is that we can not feel satisfy with our current condition (this doesn’t meant that we did not gratifying for what we got lho ya), keep gaining more, and sharing more.


I will start work at MPS on November 12, 2007. Pray for my success ya… (insya Allah)


  1. Oh ya... this is my resignation letter:


    To: Sigit Hadmono, Mr
    HRD Manager
    From: Syamsul Arifin
    SHE Officer
    CC: Yani Siti Akbari, Mrs
    HRD Assistant Manager
    Indradi Tyas Permana
    QSHE Manager
    Date: October 11, 2007
    Subject: Resignation Letter

    Dear Sir,

    Thru this letter, I would like to propose my resignation.

    It’s been a great pleasure for me to become a family member at PT. Pandu Selamat Utama since the beginning (December 2005). I honesty express my gratitude that I can be accepted here though with a big lack/deficient. I learn a lot and had so many positive things here, so I will surely not going to forget all the kindness that I got.

    It also hard for me to propose this resignation since SHE Department is in the middle of focus to increase its performance. Nevertheless, I need more development and improvement in my career. So I encourage my self to take the risk offered by the other company.

    Refer to my working agreement; I had to take 30 days of notice before I resign. So, starting to this date, I will count my self actively in resign process, and will formal move on at November 9, 2007 (my last day at Pandu).

    I will also hold on to a good working etiquette, that I will not going to share any private information or data related to Pandu and keep PT. Pandu Selamat Utama good image.

    Once again, thank you for all the kindness and guidance, and I apologize for all the mistake and deficient that I have.

    Jakarta, October 10, 2007

    Best regards,

    Syamsul Arifin
    SHE Officer

  2. pindah kemane pin??? e-mail lagi ya
    btw, Met Idul Fitri Mohon Maaf Lahir dan batin

  3. ye... bacanya ngga teliti sih... orang disitu disebutin kok :P
    coba baca ulang :)

    email baru belum ada, sekarang masih di Pandu kok sampe tanggal 9 november, ntar tanggal 12 november baru pindah. jadi masih pake yang di pandusafety.com

    setelah itu, klo mau kirim2 email, lewat alamat email yang di yahoo aja...

    syamsul.arifin@yahoo.com atau di ipin_kerenz@yahoo.com
    keduanya sama kok, masuk ke kotak yang sama
    (keren kan, ada dua alamat tapi satu kotak/account) :D

  4. Yup, that's right. We must brave enough to take a risk if we want to be a step forward from others. Don't be an average if we can be more! ;)
    Good luck in your new office...

  5. good luck, bro..wish all the best for you