30 September 2007

Welcoming Ramadhan SMS

Friends are they who remember you in some certain condition.

During this year Ramadhan, some of my friends, at least people whom remember me, send me a mobile text message. Regardless the position of that pre-Ramadhan greeting in Islamic law, that kind of message has build a constructing positive mental welcoming spirit within.

Thank to all my friends that has sent me that message.

For: MyQ Sya, Rj Mugi, DATI Bima Duri, Bayu K3 02, Kandi, PSU Dede N, PKIP Ana, Gizi Mala, PKIP Empi, KL Fitri, AKK Radinal, Rj Ogi, MyQ Ichamary, Andin Askes, Sari S1-02, Ira S1-02, MyQ Aisyah_Ragil, Robby K3, 34 Cis Unpad, DPR Santoso, Percik Iqbal, KL Pohan, Lulu Prod 02, PSU Lenny, Pa Chandra Forkomal, Ita K3-05, Vammy Askes, Ilma S1-02, Erma K3 FSCM, MyQ Izti, dan Yunia S Mprs 02.

May Allah bless upon our ukhuwah always. Guide us in His way, and gather us in the eternal kindness at hereafter (heaven)... amin

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