07 September 2007

Why Did I Make a Multiply Account?

At first, I feel reluctant to make a multiply account, since I already have an account at similar networking website (at Friendster, check out my FS profile at www.friendster.com/ipin4u ). In my point of view, I would rather be optimal at one account, rather than had some account at similar website, but not fully optimize.

But than, time changes me.


I had to make an account at Multiply cause I want to download a song that only can be obtain at someone MP. It’s become an MP policy that only a member that could download other member uploaded files….


So I make it just to make me able downloading the song. That song are: “Tapi Bukan Aku” by Kerispatih, “Kisah Tak Sempurna” by Samsons, and “Disini Untukmu” & “Tercipta Untukku” by Ungu.


And than… we’ll see what will I make at my multiply, hope I can get a lot of kindness from other MP and share some kindness too :)


Over all, I like MP since I can connect my self with some of great writers at FLP (Forum Lingkar Pena) such as bu Helvy, bu Asma Nadia, and a lot of more…

1 comment:

  1. well dear, i dont have their Id as my contacts, hehehehehehehehehe
    i made MP just because one of my frens recommendation..
    before that, i made freewebs and frenster, but i think , they arent good enuf for my craziness of under control writing!!