09 November 2007

Our Warrior is Being Rejected!

I don’t remember how many rejections that I had received.
The bottom point is, there had been a lot of rejections for me. From Australia, Japan, to Netherlands scholarship program, this time is from America. (I hope I won’t get any bad news from England too).

Last Tuesday, November 6, 2007, I receive a post mail, actually my family who had received it. My father calls me and said that I had receive a letter from AMINEF (American Indonesian Exchange Foundation), and on the afternoon, (I’m still at my office during that time), I asked my brother to read it for me. I just can’t wait to know what is written on that envelope.

It’s said more over like this: I had not success for my master scholarship application at USA. Hiks… hiks… hiks…

After my last failure from STUNED (Netherlands) scholarship program for master degree, this is my newest application.

But it’s OK, insya Allah, I’ll try again. Ganbatte..! Keep motivated, trying, and praying.

Hope my dream will actually come true someday…
*Got a master degree scholarship abroad*
Amin :)

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